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The Paratus Business Partnership is a program designed to help businesses better train their employees. We create personalized programs that can be geared to a multiple of different jobs across multiple international countries. We offer low prices too!
We pride ourselves on offering low cost but high quality course content with one quick sign up. Our programs are created in a University style setting where students will enroll into different courses. Each course will help teach them and then test their skills on each of the courses.
Our programs are limited in enrollment as we want each student to get guaranteed attention from the instructor during course work. We offer 40 spots per enrollment period and all students must apply individually and be accepted. Most programs require the students to have a IELTS overall score 5 and above to join. This is because our programs are mainly taught in english. As a Business Partner of Paratus you get to have full access to our programs. You are allowed to send your own staff or job applicants to us to get certified for your employment. We will train them while still allowing them to work for you. That is the benefit of our online, anywhere, anytime program.
All of our courses have LIVE instruction and professors with experience in each field. We make sure that students get the most out of each lesson and experience inside the course. All of our courses are ONLINE and can be taken anywhere and anytime. This is perfect for the employee looking to get better at sales for example. We offer a Sales Certificate program every 6 weeks. Each program lasts 20 weeks and it only costs the student $86 usd !


The Business Partner Program pricing plan is actually more affordable than you think ! We offer a couple different types of packages for our partners

Package 1

  • $86 per student per certificate
  • 10% Referral Fee returned to your business (What’s This ?)
  • Access to the Business Partner Club
  • Access to ALL programs
  • Guarantee 10 Spots per month

Package 2

  • $76 per student per certificate
  • 5% Referral Fee returned to your business (What’s This ?)
  • Access to LIMITED programs
  • Guarantee 5 Spots per month

Package 3

  • $55 per student per certificate
  • 5% Referral Fee returned to your business (What’s This ?)
  • Access to LIMITED programs
  • Guarantee 2 Spots per month

Referral Program

When you join us as a Business Partner we offer you money back for what you spend. Students can purchase the program on their own or by referral by your company. If you send us students we pay you back.
It is simple, If you send us 3 students for our Paratus Sales Certificate Program which at cost is $86 per student for a 20 week course ! We will send you back $24 usd.
This is so your business can feel secure that we are training our students and your current or future employees with utmost and highest quality content.
All you do is register your students and once their profile shows as paid and they are enrolled you will receive a referral fee.

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