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Course Overview

Course Description

A new way of learning the IELTS Academic Full Course ! Placing learning as a powerful tool in today’s technology-driven and fast-paced world, you can now learn the IELTS Academic FULL 4 PARTS (Academic Reading, Academic Writing, Listening, Speaking) anywhere in the world! This program is designed with preloaded full IELTS interactive courses through our world-class LMS System. Enjoy hours of content and ace your IELTS exam!

They will listen to four recordings of native English speakers and then learn how to approach the series of questions.


The four courses in your very own personal online portal through the LMS System will provide you with all of the material and practise you need to confidently approach all four parts of the IELTS Academic Course and get the high band score you desire

You’ll find the following in each of the four courses:

  • An in depth breakdown of each section of the test and what you must do to get a good band score
  • Exam approaches to help students confront all forms of test questions evaluation criteria that inform them what the examiner is searching for ideas and techniques for good test preparation and English language improvement.
  • Real time mock exams to give you an EXACT idea of what to expect on test day.
  • In addition, each course looks at common issues that language learners face.

Course Overview

The IELTS Listening Course is accompanied by Video Lessons , PowerPoint Presentations on each criteria used by examiners to assess the listening ability of IELTS candidates, followed by an interactive Activity related to each point.
You will work through the pdfs for the 4 audio sections of the Listening Exam, watch the videos for each topic, and follow up by doing the Interactive Activities. We will give you your own personal login for you to go through our portal and practice the modules at home through your laptops or mobiles if you are on the go!.
You will master the listening section by doing this course with every topic covered!
Each module examines frequent issues that language learners face with that skill:


  • How to respond to the examiner’s questions in a complete and fluent manner.
  • How to boost your confidence while speaking English
  • How to create a brief English talk finding enough to say
  • Improving your pronunciation and grammar that you’ll need for the test


  • To improve your exam reading speed, you can use tactics like skimming and scanning and you will learn these in great depth.
  • Reading in English about unexpected topics will help you improve your vocabulary and deal with unfamiliar terms.
  • Coping with time pressure
  • Doing original 10 full length mock tests in real exam conditions om tje LMS portal ( 10 hours!!!! )


  • understanding and describing charts and data
  • writing about trends
  • planning an essay
  • the grammar and vocabulary that you will need
  • 5 full length mock exams to practice and get marked by our British council teachers in the UK


  • Listening test techniques
  • Widening their listening range
  • Staying focused when they listen
  • Listening to conversations in English
  • Doing original 10 full length mock tests in real exam conditions on the LMS portal (10 hours!!!!)

Course Overview

Comprehensive Coverage of The IELTS Academic Reading, Academic Writing, Listening and Speaking.

  • Up to 30 full-length original material mock tests done under real time exam conditions
  • Up to 60 full length helpful video lessons.
  • Up to 60 Power Point Presentations.
  • 100 interactive Activities


  • 10 Graded full Listening mock exams done under real exam conditions. ( 10 HOURS!!!!!!)
  • 10 Graded full Academic Reading mock exams done under real exam conditions. ( 10 HOURS!!!!!! )
  • 5 Graded Writing Task 1 & Task 2 assessment marked by British Council Teachers in the UK
  • Speaking Exam feedback and Practice.

Our courses are built by certified British Council instructors in the UK who come with years of experience and knowledge in what they teach.


  • 200 hour Course with Comprehensive Cover of the IELTS Academic Full Course (academic writing, academic reading, listening, speaking)
  • 30 full length mock exams done in real time exam conditions
  • 100 interactive activities
  • Access on mobile and Computer
  • 5 Writing Task 1 and 2 Assignments
  • Certificate of completion

*This one is really important and we need to make sure the user understands they are getting all 4 courses. We can change this page however we want to make sure the user understands what they are getting !