IELTS Academic Reading

Course Access: 182 days access
Course Overview

Course Description

This course is designed to help students develop the ability to read quickly and it is all about time management!. By practicing questions that have engaging, practical assessments tied to learning outcomes. Participants will learn how to work through the three different passages in the exam. The Three long texts which range from the descriptive and factual to the discursive and analytical. These are taken from books, journals, magazines and newspapers. They have been selected for a non-specialist audience but are appropriate for people entering university courses or seeking professional registration. Students will become familiar with how to deal with unfamiliar topics, and to skim, scan and survey a text comfortably, through our Interactive Activities, PowerPoint Presentations and Videos.


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Learning Outcomes

  • Develop your reading for the general sense of a passage
  • Understand how to read for the main ideas
  • Understand how to read for detail
  • Become familiar with inferences and implied meaning
  • Develop your recognition of a writer’s opinions, attitudes and purpose
  • Become familiar with and follow the development of an argument

Course Overview

The IELTS Academic Reading Course is accompanied by Video Lessons , PowerPoint Presentations on each criteria used by examiners to assess the reading ability of IELTS candidates, followed by an interactive Activity related to each point.

You will work through the pdfs for the 3 long texts of the Academic Reading Exam, watch the videos for each topic, and follow up by doing the Interactive Activities. We will give you your own personal login for you to go through our portal and practice the modules at home through your laptops or mobiles if you are on the go!.

You will master the reading section by doing this course with every topic covered!

What You’ll Learn

  • Learn SKIMMING ,SCANNING and SURVEYING different text types
  • Learn how to tackle time pressure
  • Improving your vocabulary and dealing with unknown words
  • Learn how to answer all the reading question types
    • 1. Multiple-choice questions
    • 2. Identifying information
    • 3. Identifying a writer’s views/claims
    • 4. Matching information
    • 5. Matching headings
    • 6. Matching features
    • 7. Sentence completion
    • 8. Summary, note, table, flow-chart completion
    • 9. Diagram label completion
    • 10. Short-answer