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  • English As A Second Language Program

    Each student that enrolls into a Paratus Course will get the ability to access our Educational Resources program. This program gives each student the tools they need for success in any subject they are taking.

  • Live Chat With A UK/USA Tutor

    Each enrolled student in Paratus Courses will get the ability to have free and live access to USA and UK based tutors. Each tutor will give you time to askquestions and get quality answers back in our online chat room.

  • English As A Second Language Program

    Each student that enrolls into a Paratus Course will get 20% off the enrollment fee into our ESL Program that runs yearly starting in the Fall and Winter of each year ! You will get the ability to take a year long course for an affordable price with UK tutors teaching live courses via zoom directly to you !

  • Internship Program

    Each student that enrolls into a Paratus Course gets the opportunity to apply for our Internship Program that allows students to work for our Paratus Education firm and gain course credit. It also gives students the opportunity to learn from business professionals inside our company. It will also let students have the opportunity to see what working inside a USA and UK based company would look like and feel like. This can help students get future jobs and recommendations. It also helps students when applying for scholarships and schools.

  • Scholarship Program

    If a student takes 5 or more Paratus Courses and passes, they will be allowed to apply for our Paratus Education Scholarship Foundation. This foundation will review all applicants and then decide which students will get funds to go to schools and Universities. Each student will get the opportunity to apply for many scholarships that can get them up to 1000 usd in scholarship money.

Feature Courses


Paratus Courses offers a wide range of courses to students globally. We are a USA and UK based educational program that offers courses at affordable prices. We also partner with schools in your countries to help make the educational content to you inexpensive and easy to access. Choosing us will give you the ability to get access to International tutors from the United States and United Kingdom. You will get course content created from certified teachers and
tutors in each of the subjects that you select. Each course comes with a certificate that you can
show to your places of employment or schools you are applying to. Each course will almost guarantee you will pass your exams.

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